Go For Bronze: These Danish Wine Accessories Are Solid Winners In Our Book

Whether or not your design aesthetic falls in the minimalist camp, Normann Copenhagen's new series of streamlined wine accessories definitely uphold the statement "less equals more." Gadgetry, snazzy temp regulators and vacuum pumps certainly have their uses, but these four specific items — a foil cutter, a stopper, a pourer and a corkscrew — comprise the only wine accessories you ever really need to accompany whatever you're sipping on. That was exactly the point behind Danish designer Simon Legald's intent in creating the collection. Titled the "Basic Series," Legald's titanium-coated, stainless steel pieces are a study in raw form and quintessential function, and proof of understatement's potential for big impact.

We're especially keen on the bronze finish, which gives the stripped-down forms a warm, luxe polish, while keeping the accessories relatively affordable ($37-$46 each; available for purchase in the coming weeks).

The full collection: foil cutter, stopper, pourer and corkscrew ($37-$46).[/caption]
Legald's intentions to strip away all the unnecessary frills, stylishly, lends an elegant pebble-like look to the foil cutter.[/caption]

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