Only YOU Can Help Bobby Flay Write His New Cookbook

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Help Bobby Flay pen his new cookbook by taking a short survey via his Facebook page.

Bobby Flay is no stranger to writing cookbooks. The American chef and restaurateur has written no fewer than 11 cookbooks by our count, among them some of our all-time favorites, like Barbecue Addiction and From My Kitchen to Your Table (that one's from all the way back in 1998, y'all!) Flay is looking to make his collection an even dozen soon, and he's putting his faith in one person: you. That's right, you!

Yesterday on Facebook, the chef revealed that he is working on a new book with his publisher. As part of the project, Flay is crowdsourcing (is that term still used?) ideas from his many, many fans. The post links to a 10-minute survey, which asks questions regarding social media, which of his products they use or purchase and what they would like to see more of from him. The survey — which Flay promises is the last thing he will ask of his followers until February — concludes with questions about participants' age, gender, hometown and yearly income. Based on the thousands of 'likes' and comments already recorded on the initial post, we're betting that the celebrated chef will have no problem getting the information he needs to write up yet another fine tome.

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