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Even to its lifelong residents, New York City continues to astound with its continually evolving, impressively diverse food scene. Even the most dedicated of these lifelong residents find it near impossible to keep up with the almost-daily openings of big name chef-helmed restaurants, design-forward beer bars and craft coffee and cocktail dens. It’s a city full of distinct neighborhoods and we’ve worked tirelessly over the past year to cover as many of them as possible — yes, we’ve even included two guides to the always-changing borough of Brooklyn. We set out to break down the city by it various ethnic cuisines, and made our picks for the best French, Japanese — both sushi and non-sushi — and BBQ in town. And we published our 10 commandments for making it as a chef in NYC (bottom line: good luck). All that and much, much more, in our year-end look.

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