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Affordable rent, international immigration and a constantly evolving academic population have rewarded Philadelphia residents with a rich array of restaurants, food shops, beer bars and cocktail lounges. Team Food Republic has been on the Philly beat for some time — it’s a short train ride from our NYC HQ and we do take advantage. But, by our estimates, 2014 was the city's biggest year yet. We covered the exploding craft beer bar scene, paid a visit to Mike Solomonov’s tribute to the Ashkenazi side of Jewish cooking and ate one of the city's famous chocolate-covered onion rings. We love Philadelphia, and so should you. And on that note, Contributing Editor Matt Rodbard will be participating in the Philly Chef Conference January 11-12. Out-of-towners, it’s a cool opportunity to find out what you may have been missing. Philly-towners, support your peeps! 

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