Allow Roy Choi To Teach You How To Properly Grill Indoors. There's An Art To It.

Salted is a new online cooking school created with 50 master chefs from across the country, available with a monthly subscription (details for signing up here). These include Ori Menashe, Simon Majumda, Ricardo Zarate, Carmen Quagliata and Jonathan Benno. But no name is bigger than Roy Choi. For many Korean-Americans and Southern Californians alike, Roy Choi is a hero. His empire of taco trucks, called Kogi, were innovators in their use of social media. Who would have thought Twitter could bring 150 hungry people to a supermarket parking lot? Choi invented that. Ever eaten a Korean short rib taco, an appealing mashup of Asian and Mexican culinary common sense? Choi invented that. Here, in this video graciously shared for free by Salted, Roy Choi provides some tips on grilling indoors. A good skill to have during the cold winter months.

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