10 Things We Learned On Food Republic This Week

Rum! It's all that's been on our minds since this week's announcement about the U.S. restoring relations with Cuba. Do you find yourself in need of "restoring relations" at home with that special someone? Spring for one of our 10 recommended new kitchen products this holiday season, all surefire hits to please. On the topic of the holidays, we've rounded up our 10 best Hannukah recipes and hit up Marcus Samuelsson for a blood orange duck recipe that just might save your Christmas. Finally, big shout outs to Los Angeles and Houston, which are rapidly becoming two of our favorite food cities in the country. All that, and more, on 10 Things We Learned On Food Republic This Week.

  1. The big announcement about Cuba has major implications for Cuban rum.
  2. Pichet Ong knows quality bakeries. He recommends these 10 in Paris.
  3. Any of these 10 new kitchen products would make for good gift-giving.
  4. Houston has amassed quite the restaurant scene. We investigate.

  5. Punch, punch, punch! We take a close look at the holiday's most festive drink.
  6. This blood orange duck recipe just might save your Christmas cooking.
  7. Headed to Hong Kong? Check out these places for some killer cocktails.
  8. Happy Hannukah! Here are Food Republic's top celebratory recipes.
  9. What were the top Googled recipes of 2014? We've got the answers.
  10. Szechuan cuisine is getting big in Los Angeles. Here's where to go.