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Everyone listen up! We have a very important announcement! Today, Netflix — that magical button on your smart TV's remote you press all the time — starts streaming Season 3 of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown. Beginning in the Punjab region of India and ending neck-deep in a Brazilian party the likes of which you can't imagine, these eight episodes will break you right out of that travel rut and inspire you to hit the road to the actual world in a big, big way. Here's the official episode lineup, although we really just recommend you start from the beginning and don't stop 'til you're done. It IS Netflix, after all, and we have traditions to uphold. 

1. Punjab
2. Las Vegas
3. Lyon
4. Mexico City
5. Russia
6. Mississippi Delta
7. Thailand
8. Bahia, Brazil

 Parts Unknown is produced by Zero Point Zero, the parent company of Food Republic.

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