The holiday season has officially arrived and the booze will certainly be flowing over the next few weeks. If you're not in Edinburgh checking out the awesome cocktail scene (and let's be honest — you probably are not), why not class up your home drinking with a wine decanter recommended by some of New York City's top sommeliers? And don't worry about having to deal with a hangover the next day. Our Editor tested out using an IV drip as a cure and we're happy to report it was a raging success. Is coffee more the beverage of your choice? Fear not. We've got you covered with a handy gift guide, as well. All this and more, in 10 Things We Learned On Food Republic This Week.

  1. Buttered, salted caramels are as good as they sound.
  2. Can being hooked up to an IV cure a hangover? We put it to the test.
  3. There are ways to do olive oil wrong and you're probably guilty of a few.
  4. Want to make the coffee geek in your life very happy? Check out our gift guide.
  5. Or spring for one of these sommelier-recommended wine decanters.
  6. Edinburgh, Scotland has one hell of a cocktail scene. We examine.
  7. Chemex's new automatic coffee machine just might change the game.
  8. Small town Virginia is stealing top NYC chefs! We investigate why.
  9. There's a website that has rated 1,518 bowls of ramen. Instant ramen.
  10. London restaurant critic Jay Rayner wants you to reconsider locavorism.