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Food is a good source for material for actress and comedienne Jenny Slate. As the ultra-high-pitched voice of Marcel the Shell, the teeny tiny Internet sensation that’s racked up some big numbers on YouTube — 24 million views and counting she has riffed about possessing the unique ability to “hang glide on a Dorito” and use a raisin as a beanbag chair. So, we can’t wait to hear what sorts of new jokes she comes up with following her recent trip to the culinary hotbed of Spain. On this week’s episode of The Getaway, airing at 9 p.m. EST, Wednesday, Dec. 3 on Esquire Network, Slate heads to Barcelona, where she meets up with chef Samuel Cots to shop at the city’s bountiful Santa Caterina Market. Here, she finds some interesting stuff. Horse meat? Pork head? “We eat almost everything,” Cots informs.

Here’s a preview clip from the episode: 

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