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So what is this Chemex, you ask? It’s the hourglass-shaped pour-over coffee brewing device that basically makes the best cup of coffee you never knew existed. Do we sound excited? This is because the Chemex system — which includes using an extra-thick filter  — is no joke. Several FR staff members use it daily and it honestly changed the way we think about drinking coffee. Exhale. It’s all due to the conic-shaped filter’s paper stock, narrow-waist design and precise brewing technique. The result is a brew that brings out the excellence of expertly roasted beans — balanced and noticeably less bitter than auto-drip. Well, the old-style auto drip. Because, according to coffee thinktank Spruge, Chemex has entered the automatic game. It’s kind of a shocker.  

The Chemex Ottomatic Coffeemaker (priced at $350) promises, at least on paper, to automatically control key brewing variables. It heats the water to the precise temperature (197.6F-204.8F), controls the contact time between water and coffee through a “Greedy Cup” Sprayhead Technology that regulates water flow (both volume and timing). The machine also features a hot plate that holds brewed coffee at the recommended temp of 176F-185F. Currently, you can only pre-order the Ottomatic from the Chemex website. The company hopes to start shipping by January. Here’s a video explaining it all: