Top 5 Food References From Bad Kid Jokes

Oh, childhood. When every joke is funny and pudding cups are most definitely considered to be food. Speaking of food, what exactly is going on with these children's view of nutrition on Bad Kids Jokes, this long, storied Tumblr of confusing situations, half-sentences and no regard for a punchline? Here are our top 5 picks we'd reply to with "okay honey, now go pick up your toys."

(nothing has been edited for spelling)


"Crocodiles might be vegitarians because when they open their mouths, we could easily put in vegetables!"

Banana Ladys

"Why did the banana ladys cross the road?

To try on a banana wedding dress."

The Ham Contest

"If you go to the ham contest wat will the man say?

You won last year, you are not alowed."

Not At The Party

"Why was the dog not at the party?

Because he would have to eat a hot dog."

The Skittle

"Why did the Skittle go bowling?

Because he is part of bowling."

Now that your faith in humanity has been restored, hit the Tumblr hard and be glad some of us around here have a sense of humor.

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