Awful. Atrocious. Cringe-worthy. Those are all suitable words to describe this season’s historically bad Philadelphia 76ers. The team has gotten off to an 0-13 start, losing their games by an average of 16.4 points. Put it this way: the lowly New York Knicks — a disaster in their own right — were 12-point favorites this past weekend against the league’s worst team. Enough said. With contests against some of the Western Conference’s powerhouses on the horizon, there appears no end in sight to the misery. SportsCenter segments have debated if the Kentucky Wildcats — an NCAA team — could beat the Sixers in a seven-game series. Yes, times are tough in Philly.

Even team sponsor Papa John’s — whom we annointed the villain of pizza back in 2012 — has taken notice. The pizza chain announced a partnership with the team back in October, pledging to reward fans with 50% off online delivery orders the day after a 76ers victory. The exact deal read: “76ers Win, You Win!”

Except, no one has won.

Finding itself one month into the season with no promotions yet redeemed, Papa John’s decided to change the terms of the deal. Fans may now receive half off their orders if their team scores 90 points in a game, a modest goal for even the worst NBA teams. In other words, the Sixers don’t even have to come close to actually winning the game for the promotion to kick in. The team is 1-1 in hooking its fans up with cheap pizza since the announcement of the altered promotion (courtesy of a 26-point loss to the Suns). Finally, the team can say it's won something.

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