Talk about a band who takes interviews seriously. I spoke with Ted Joyner of New Orleans-based indie rock band Generationals about all things Cajun, oyster, pho and especially sandwiches (full interview coming tomorrow). The Big Easy native disclosed what he and fellow band-members eat on "heart attack days," as well as the one and only item on their tour rider.

Best of all, the band's food-obsessed drummer, Eric Rogers, invented a killer sandwich named after their latest single, "Gold Silver Diamond" — crushed Blue Diamond almond-crusted pan-fried speckled trout fillet with spicy gold mustard vinaigrette slaw on toasted sourdough with fennel, raw onion, raw garlic and tarragon aioli.

"I have to give major credit to Eric for the concept and execution of this sandwich," says Joyner of the crunchy creation that only needs a squeeze of lemon to complete its mighty goodness. "It turned out to be incredibly delicious. There was concern that there might be too many flavors going on at once, but it worked amazingly well. Probably the best fried fish sandwich I've ever put in my mouth, no exaggeration." 

Check out the new song, make the GSD and rock your sandwich game a little harder.

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