Have you ever thought about which items you'd include on the menu if you ran a restaurant? Either way, chances are they're not nearly as imaginative as our illustrator Mike Houston's choices. Chances are also high that you've never seen donuts quite like the ones Philly mainstay Federal Donuts just rolled out in honor of director David Lynch. And dare we speculate on the chances you've at least thought about what would happen if you ate the contents of one of those little packets with "DO NOT EAT" scrawled all over them? Not quite sure which ones we're talking about? We've got the answer to that and much more on 10 Things We Learned This Week On Food Republic.

  1. There are a lot of quality Asian restaurants in Sydney, Australia.
  2. The people of Quebec know how to make one hell of a mussel chowder.
  3. There’s a ton to know about Nordic food. Magnus Nilsson is certainly an expert.
  4. Even in this country, American wine gets no respect. We think it’s time that changes.
  5. There’s a district called Brixton in South London that has outstanding food.
  6. Our illustrator Mike Houston has one crazy imagination when designing menus.
  7. Just when we thought Federal Donuts couldn’t be any more awesome, there’s this.
  8. Venison might be tricky to cook, but it sure is tasty. Especially in tacos.
  9. We’re already practicing veggie dishes for Thanksgiving. And breads. And sauces/gravies. And soups. And small bites.
  10. We finally discovered what’s in those ‘DO NOT EAT’ packets and found if we could — well — eat them.