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"[Insert city name here] is the new Brooklyn" has (sadly) become one of the most commonly used phrases in writing about up-and-coming areas around the country. Want to know what's not in the discussion to be crowned "the new Brooklyn?" Well, for starters, how about — um — Brooklyn? New York's most populous borough has continued its rapid ascension to national food prominence over the past couple of years, a steady rise that began just about a decade ago.

We've certainly devoted our fair share of stories to Brooklyn over the past three years here at Food Republic. And for good reason. It's an exciting time to visit the borough with the fastest-growing number of acclaimed restaurants — including a three Michelin-starred establishment — destination-worthy bars, art exhibit openings and fashionable goods. We've dug into our archives and present 15 of our favorite Brooklyn stories. Scroll through to find dining and drinking guides, interviews, venue profiles and local recipes.

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