Watch Magnus Nilsson And Christian Puglisi Go Camping, Grill Serious Pork Chops

We've all been on camping trips at some point or another. And we've all come to associate certain foods with these trips — hot dogs, burgers, perhaps some s'mores for dessert. These are not exactly glamorous foods. Then again, two world-famous chefs were probably never part of our camping trips. When Magnus Nilsson and Christian Puglisi — chefs of the highly acclaimed Fäviken in Järpen, Sweden and Relae in Copenhagen, Denmark — got together for a trip to the forest as part of PBS's The Mind of a Chef, it was pork chop with strawbe-bushi and fresh herbs on the menu. Not exactly hot dogs and burgers. Take a peek at the online exclusive video below.

Nilsson is one of the leads of the show's third season, starring alongside Louisville chef Edward Lee. While the show began airing in September, the first eight episodes have focused on Lee. The second half of the season will highlight the man behind the restaurant recently named the world's 19th best by San Pellegrino, and the first of Nilsson's episodes is now viewable online. Nilsson and Lee join previous MOAC alums David Chang, Sean Brock and April Bloomfield. A very nice crowd indeed.

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