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Halt all spreading and crumbling immediately for a dairy important announcement! Enough puns everyone, this is serious business. Modern Farmer has alerted us to the fact that some of the goat cheese sold in the UK is woefully lacking in the goat department. About 12% of the cheeses tested by a well-known consumer watchdog group (who broke the horsemeat scandal) contained a majority — 50% or more — of sheep's milk. While it's generally agreed upon that the sheep milk-cut goat cheese is still creamy and delicious, chevre lovers around the country are totally up in arms over the blatant product mislabeling.

How did they get away with it? Well, it's not like we're dealing with international jewel thieves. Goat and sheep milk have similar fat and protein content, which makes the substitution barely noticable to a palate that's just eager for some damn goat or goat-like cheese, like that time we thought we could tell goat and sheep's milk yogurt apart.

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