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Blood splattered along a basement wall doesn’t usually signify a great night, but that comes with the territory when you’re the owner of a badass Brooklyn music venue. George is used to seeing his fair share of strange, but was taken aback when a Nordic rock band showed up at his bar for a show with a 5-gallon bucket of real blood as part of the act.

The night went off without a hitch except for one small incident. George headed down to his basement at the end of the night to find the stench of blood starting to waft through his small space. He describes cleaning the walls at 5 a.m. as proof that he is indeed “living the dream.”

Great bars are run by great people who are ready to stand by their blood-splattered walls and their patrons no matter what strange act attracts them. Sometimes that means sharing drinks with familiar faces until the sun comes up and other times it means wiping the unsavory remnants of the night away from your walls to start anew the next day.

Jack Daniel’s is saluting legendary bars and their stories in a new campaign, The Few and Far Between, which celebrates the authentic establishments that have passed the test of time and bodily fluids. George’s story, and twenty-nine more, can be viewed on Jack Daniel’s site that draws you in like the warm glow of a tavern’s light on a cold winter night. Pop on a pair of headphones and keep the blood at home.