The Illustrated Guide To Great Moments In Gluten-Free History

For Chef Thomas Keller, co-founder of hugely successful gluten-free flour blend Cup4Cup, it all began with his signature amuse bouche: a salmon tartare cornet with sweet red onion crème fraîche. French Laundry culinary researcher Lena Kwak decided to develop a gluten-free version of the iconic bite so more guests could enjoy it, and the resulting flour blend has been flying off the shelves for years.

How many "aha!" moments like this have there been since the gluten-free trend began? With miraculous claims, unprecedented sales estimated between $5-10 billion annually, a steadily growing market share and more controversy than you can shake a breadstick at, the trend of eliminating what many perceive to be a culprit for myriad health problems seems to have staying power. It's even created a cottage industry, as you can tell from the gluten-free aisle at many urban supermarkets. Here are some of the landmark events in the brief but significant history of gluten-freedom.

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