This week, pretty much only one recipe matters: Sean Brock's epic, perfect, oozing specimen of a magnificent cheeseburger. Everyone on the FR staff has had it and can attest: this man holds the key, and you should buy his new book. We also dug into a fresh skillet of Brock's signature bacon-studded cornbread while discussing why epic cheeseburgers don't have truffle cheese or sun-dried tomatoes. You'll want to watch that video, it's mostly burger porn.
If you have to eat something other than a cheeseburger this week, maybe you should be on another website. (Did we mention we have Sean Brock's Husk recipe?) Dig into beet, potato and corned beef Red Flannel Tater Tots, particularly if you have some Russian dressing handy, and if you get cold, we left the French onion soup on for you. Enjoy this week's new recipes.