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You may know Jim Gaffigan as the stand-up comedian who shot to fame by, get this, saying what we've all been thinking about Hot Pockets. His book, which came out Tuesday, is simply titled Food: A Love Story. The cover art is awesome. What are his qualifications to write a book? Nothing, he's funny and likes to chow down. That makes him more qualified than half the people writing books about food nowadays. The discussions within focus mainly on what we've all been thinking, like "which animal is most delicious?" and "what the hell is up with coconut water?"

In a radio interview for Boston's WBUR (listen to it below) Gaffigan addresses a few highlights from his latest work: "Evian" spelled backwards is "naive," fish frown because they're always smelling themselves and a defense of the McDonald's drive-thru with a carful of kids (he has five).  

"Food is a ripe topic where I can have very strong, passionate points of view and no one gets hurt," he says.

The author of an interview for TasteBook proclaims Gaffigan "bad for your health," but takes his answer to "what's your perfect day of eating?" very seriously. As in: they go out, buy and then eat a day (or two's) worth of the funnyman's favorite foods — everything bagels, breakfast burritos, bratwurst, shawarma. That is some concrete reporting right there. Read the story and discover his favorite eats in NYC, secret snack performance rituals and more, and in the meantime, here's that famous clip that silenced a thousand microwaves (and toilets). 

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