Disney's New Dog Loves Thanksgiving Spreads, Nachos, Garnishes

From what we can predict from trailers for short animated films, Disney's Feast appears to be one discerning pup's quest to leave no plate ungarnished with parsley sprigs. Think about it, though: when was the last time your plate was garnished with a parsley sprig? Perhaps because he doesn't speak "people," he's fallen behind the times?

No, that can't be it. Okay, it's about a dog with the one-two punch of an extraordinary palate and the ability to digest everything from nachos and pepperoni pizza to spaghetti and, presumably, tennis ball pieces. My friend's Schnauzer can't even digest protein, so this would be particularly impressive for her. The friend, not the dog. The important thing is there's a Disney short about a canine gourmand heading our way, so watch this teaser and help me predict what it's about. By the way, crinkle-cut fries look absolutely beautiful when animated.

Wait, wait, wait...maybe the dog's name...is FEAST!

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