What happens when you take two great Southern chefs and put them in the kitchen at NYC hot spot Toro along with chef/co-owner Jamie Bissonnette? One of the best media dinners of the year, if you ask us. Of course, we're biased, having been co-hosts of the recent Music To Your Mouth dinner, which featured North Carolina's multi-talented Ashley Christensen, Palmetto Bluff executive chef Brandon Carter and Bissonnette turning out hors d'oeuvres and then a stunning six-course menu. Befitting their backgrounds, the chefs sent out a mix of Southern dishes and some of the Spanish favorites from Bissonnette's highly praised Toro. A crowd of food media stalwarts had no problem keeping pace with the ambitious menu. Food & Wine's Kate Krader, the Wall Street Journal's Beth Kracklauer, Eater's Hillary Dixler, author Francis Lam, Food Republic editors Richard Martin and Matt Rodbard, and others heard from Palmetto Bluff regional marketing director Courtney Hampson about the upcoming Music To Your Mouth festival, which comes to the South Carolina property November 18-23. Check out photos from the Toro dinner below.

Ashley Christensen, Brandon Carter and Jamie Bissonnette

Bissonnette’s “Dirty Rice,” a pork offal paella with Andouille and clams

Carter’s pork-fried pork with fall root vegetables

Carter in the kitchen at Toro

Francis Lam (left) and Matt Rodbard

Christensen sent out a leg of lamb carpaccio that looked like art.

Palmetto Bluff’s Courtney Hampson (left) with Kate Krader

Oysters were sourced in part from South Carolina’s May River.

Bissonnette on his home turf

Deviled eggs with smoked trout and trout roe

The media dinner was held in Toro’s ultra-cool private dining room.