Between The Bread: Cubism, Abstract And Other Artistic Movements

Here's a whole new spin on what most of us consider "sandwich art." To express their combined love of food with their love of art, two Sydney-based designers reimagined famous artistic movements in the form of illustrated sandwich posters.

Dubbed The Art of Sandwiches, the project, which is currently on its way to meeting its Kickstarter goal, displays four major movements — Abstract, Minimalism, Cubism and Psychedelic — as though rendered by the famous figures of those particular styles (perhaps during their starving artist days). They're humorous, smart, and would look just at home in any room, kitchen or otherwise. What better way to give a nod to both Picasso and an iconic comfort food at the same time?

ABSTRACT (above). Currently only the four styles are available, offered both with and without text, however designer Jeremy Duff notes that more will be on the way. Digital versions also available in the form of computer desktops and smart phone backgrounds and lock screens. [/caption]

Kickstarter pledges start at approximately $2.60 US dollars for high-definition smart phone lock screens and backgrounds.

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