We'll never tire of innovations in the coffee category. Whether we're talking about sourcing beans and roasting techniques, emerging independent brands or tools of the trade, today's coffee boom means tomorrow's cup of joe will only get better and better. Now, the same goes for travelers or anyone on the run.

After one too many lousy coffees brewed from those average hotel room coffeemakers, designer Hugo Cailleton went to work creating the Minipresso, a portable, hand-pumped espresso maker that doesn't need batteries, cartridges or any kind of outside power source (you will need hot water, though). First fill its tank with hot water, a second chamber with packed coffee grinds, and screw everything back together. Then all you have to do is pump the side button to create interior air pressure. After an optimal level of 116 psi is achieved (it's about 18 pumps for a standard 1.7-ounce shot, more for a double and less for ristretto), your espresso will start flowing.

Besides the genius, uncomplicated functionality, equally impressive is the size and design of this little gadget. Somewhat reminiscent of a toy submarine in shape and silhouette, the Minipresso is just under 7-inches tall and weighs only 12.8 ounces. 

First shipments of the Minipresso, which is currently available for pre-order through Cailleton's Hong Kong-based design firm Wacaco, are expected for early 2015.

Thumbs up for the sheer, battery-free brilliance of this tool, and high-fives for the compact, lightweight design.

Small, but mighty. The Minipresso weighs only 12.8 ounces, but it can generate enough pressure to yield an eye-opening shot of espresso in 18 pumps.

Be your own barista: soon to be a standard-issue traveler’s tool of the trade.

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