If you happen to follow swimsuit model and food blogger Chrissy Teigen's Instagram feed and, really, you should — you might have caught a glimpse of some highlights from the upcoming season of The Getaway, which premieres on Oct. 15. The Esquire Network program, from executive producer Anthony Bourdain and Food Republic parent company Zero Point Zero Production, follows wanderlust celebrities on food- and fun-fueled trips to some of the world's most exciting destinations. Teigen, for one, heads to Bangkok, where she tries out Muay Thai kickboxing (check out the bruise) and devours an array of tantalizing eats (beginning with breakfast).

Also this season: Anchorman's David Koechner travels to Dublin, The Mindy Project's Adam Pally busts loose in Las Vegas, 30 Rock's Jack McBrayer hits the beaches of Hawaii and Twin Peaks' Kyle MacLachlan indulges in Napa Valley.

As media partner with the show, Food Republic will be posting video clips, exclusive interviews with each celebrity host and helpful tips on where to go and what to eat and drink in every featured city throughout the season. In the meantime, catch up on past episodes from Season 1 here. And check out the trailer for Season 2: