Well, this sounds like a bathroom disaster waiting to happen. New York City's first ever "juice crawl" is scheduled to take place on Oct. 18. As you probably guessed, the event is set up like a traditional pub crawl but without the alcoholic beverages or the ensuing slurred pick-up lines. Instead, participants will hop from place to place, quaffing trendy cold-pressed juices.

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Participating crawlers will begin getting their liquid nutrition fix with samples provided by LuliTonix, followed by additional fluids at Dig Inn, The Squeeze truck, Juice Press and Terri. That's a lot of juice! Unfortunately, organizers have no specific plan for what inevitably comes next. Just check out the fine print on the event's web site. "Bathrooms: Sorry we cannot provide these!"

Organizer Anna Garcia tells Food Republic that she's been getting a lot of questions about the bathroom situation, or lack thereof. It's one of the great ironies of New York's burgeoning juice scene. Of all the many locations now pushing pulverized plant matter around town — for whom "cleansing" your digestive system is a major selling point very few, if any, of them offer on-premise restrooms for customers, she points out. So, participating locations aren't going to be much help on that front.

Garcia helpfully notes that some nearby parks have public restrooms; Union Square is one. But, that's where the crawl is set to begin. The greatest need for those facilities will likely come later on in the veggie-fueled procession.

In other words: juicers who've had their fill could find themselves in a tough spot come late afternoon. My advice: if you wind up in the wrong place at the wrong time, call this guy.

For more on the upcoming juice crawl, check out this video: