Crazy Russian Hacker Solves Persistent Buckwheat Groat Problem

I've been predicting for years that buckwheat groats are going to be the next quinoa. So far, no dice, but that's because people just don't understand! The groats (whole grains) have way more flavor than rice, quinoa or farrow off the bat, they're really nutritious, and the possibilities for picnic salads, savory side dishes, casseroles and breakfast dishes are pretty much endless. I made this recipe all summer long.

Here's the thing about those grains and small pasta shapes: they come in dumb tiny plastic bags that refuse to acknowledge the concept of reusability, or even the ability to pour. Ziploc invented that in 1968, but some brands are clearly taking their time, like they want us to have no choice but to spill buckwheat groats all over our counters and possibly floors. And then our cats bat the grains around — it's like they want that for us.

Cue heroic music for YouTube's Crazy Russian Hacker, who won't allow one grain of that good stuff to linger for eight years in the spot under the sink you can't reach with the broom. Not only are you protecting your pantry staples, you're upcycling a plastic bottle. Behold: the hack pack.

Like that? You should see him handle packs of bacon.

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