A Photographer Asked Friends To Smash Colorful Baked Goods Around New York City

As the saying goes: when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. NYC-based photographer Geoff Levy adopted a similar mindset when he found himself with a bakery's worth of leftover cake after a recent photo shoot.

"I was assisting that day and in charge of disposing of the 30-plus cakes, plus icing, fondant and sprinkles," Levy says. "I gave away as many as I could and didn't have enough freezer space to preserve the remainder. I debated delivering the rejected desserts to the dumpster when it hit me — I could be frustrated at the waste and inefficiency, or I could make an art project."

And so, for the sake of art, Levy enlisted friends to chuck, fling, kick and smash handfuls of the remaining confections as he took photos. Levy even convinced an NYC taxi driver to let them use his windshield for target practice.

"I had little hope any cab driver would let me throw a cake at their windshield, but somehow the first one we hailed said yes. He let us throw cake at full force for 20 minutes before I paid him to take me to work after," Levy recalls. Consider the resulting series of images, titled "Cake Angry" — an awesome blitz of creative resourcefulness. And despite all the cake-smashing, there's really nothing angry about these photos. They're playful, fun, colorful and suggestive of cinema-caliber food fights — in the best of ways. That, or they'll just make you hungry for cake. See what we mean below.