6 Companies Are Selling 50% Of The World Beer Supply. Here's How.

So you're out grilling, trying to preserve what's left of the nice weather this fall, and decide to crack open an ice cold beer. Did you ever stop to think where exactly it came from? The answer may actually be simpler than you think. According to Quartz, half of the world's supply of beer comes from a grand total of six brewing multinationals. As a result of a series of mergers and acquisitions since the 1970s, an astoundingly high percentage of the world's beer by volume belongs to just a few mega-companies. Even with rumors of U.S. giant ABInBev exploring an acquisition of SABMiller, a chart depicting the family trees of these six companies is surprisingly easy to follow. Thought you were sticking it to big bev and supporting the little guy by grabbing a craft brewed IPA? You might want to take a closer look at the infographic.

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