New Recipes This Week: Burnt Caramel Sticky Buns, Kale Taco Salad, Kugel

This week brought about a few instant classics: chiefly, those buns. Just make them, okay? Ditto Dale Talde's Kale Taco Salad with the only salsa verde dressing you'll ever need to know how to make. Every Jewish holiday going forward will probably involve Jerusalem Kugel (every single Jewish holiday) and we're swapping out popcorn for Taiwanese salt and pepper chicken on movie night.
But if you really have to have popcorn, pop it in beef fat and season it with burger spices. And if you're going for chicken fingers over salt and pepper chicken, smother them in Buffalo balsamic maple sauce. Basically, the theme of this week is don't be boring. The yellow mung beans sound boring, you say? False, the dish is finished with chili-spiced oil. Enjoy this week's new recipes.