You Too Can Enjoy The 1970s Pan Am Airplane Food Experience

Back in the day, air travel didn't suck at all. Sure, it may have taken a little longer, but you got to keep your shoes on AND eat food that didn't fall off the back of a truck onto a tarmack. You don't need to hear more about oversalted peanuts and soggy sandwiches — you had both the last time you were on a plane. But that's 2014. This is the 1970s: the golden era of flight, with cheese carts, carving stations and a cocktail bar that would make Don Draper do something Don Draper would do.

Air Hollywood, a film studio in Hollywood, has recreated the Pan Am experience right down to same dishes and glassware. The flight attendants' uniforms are the same and if you use your phone they might even pretend to not know what your magic information brick is, let alone ask you to switch it to airplane mode (because you're firmly on the ground).

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Book your blast from the past a week in advance and don't worry about getting stuck in economy where the battle of reclining seats wages on with more and more casualties* each day. All the seats are first class — simply pick upper or lower deck and enjoy the "view."

*nobody has actually died from reclining airplane seats

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