Video: The Fung Bros. Hit LA's Great Pastrami Joint, The Hat

Hey, it's the Fung Bros., who brought you such comedic stylings as "Best Asian Rap Lyrics," and culinary masterpieces like "Top 5 Fried Rices." With damn-near half a million subscribers, you're going to want to see what they're up to. This week, they're at the pride of Alhambra, for the world-famous pastrami at The Hat.

Get a sandwich and horchata or Orange Bang, a creamy orange soft drink that cuts through the extra-fatty pastrami surprisingly well. Are you going to argue with these guys? Cause they'll argue back and you can do that allll day. The boys also dig into The Hat's world-famous pastrami fries (think Reuben-topped disco fries), a massive chili dog and a nondescript secret menu item that just lost its anonymity: a loaded griddled grilled cheese on sourdough. You may have seen some LA-based food porn, but this is "2014: no boundaries."

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