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A Los Angeles-based company is marketing itself as the first to mass-produce a marijuana-infused pizza sauce — for medicinal purposes, of course. Five-ounce jars of Podey Pizza sauce are now on sale at select dispensaries across the decriminalized world, which presently includes Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington State and Colorado. Priced at $20 a pop, each jar contains enough sauce for one large pizza or two smaller pies and comes packed with 300 milligrams of medical-grade cannabis. "You can eat three slices and be fully medicated," Steve Thomas, the company's vice president of operations, tells HuffPost.

According to the company's web site, the "potent recipe was developed using years of expertise from traditional sauce chefs and roasters." Thomas tells HuffPost the manufacturer wanted to make sure the stuff didn't taste too "green." Though the sauce is currently limited to retail customers with qualifying medical conditions — the company blames the cautious rollout on "legal issues" — Thomas envisions an even bigger market in the very near future. His dream? Selling the stuff to Denver Broncos quarterback and Papa John's franchisee Peyton Manning, who recently mentioned how the "different laws" in Colorado were benefiting his own pizza business.

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