New Recipes This Week: Soft Pretzels, Potato Curry, Veracruzana Sea Bass

We kicked off football (food) season with a spicy wing that will quell the Chinese food craving you didn't even know you had! Also in the kitchen: big soft pretzels with a tangy sourdough twist, enlisting the help of delicious fermentacular probiotics in the case of the pretzels and some awesome savory pancakes inspired by South Indian dosas. While we were doing Indian, we dropped some baby potatoes in a slow-cooker with some spices and gravy fixins and made literally the best potato curry there is. And we dusted rich chocolate cake with antioxidant-rich green tea matcha for figuratively the healthiest chocolate cake you've ever had.
I'm kidding of course, it's not healthy. If it were, it would taste terrible. Have some sea bass Veracruzana if you're interested in light and healthy. You'll have plenty of room for green tea-sprinkled chocolate afterwards. Enjoy this week's new recipes!