Just because Food Republic's Tomato Week is over doesn't mean summer tomato season is. If you live in or near Cambridge, MA, there's a tasting menu you'll want to take your time savoring. Neighborhood favorite T.W. Food raided their end-of-summer garden and on September 10th and 11th, Chef Tim Wiechmann will host his annual "Celebration of the Tomato." For $85, enjoy six courses featuring the end of summer's finest tomato harvest. Inspired by the use of a single ingredient as a thread to a whole evening's entertainment, the menu focuses on the season's most diverse varietals. 

                        Purple Cherokee
Foie gras torchon, tomato tarte tatin, boudin noir

                           Yellow Pear
Peach and tomato bisque, lobster fritter, tomato crema, caviar

Tomato tortelloni, smoked eggplant, tomato-glazed octopus, saffron nage

                            Early Girl
Brioche & tomato-crusted halibut, corn pudding, manila clams, tomato ragout

                            Sweet 100
Housemade mozzarella, pickled tomato, tomato honey, smoked almond

                           Green Zebra
Sorbet, tomato cloud, shortbread cookie, aged balsamic, basil soda

Reserve your table now, once the last of the summer tomatoes are gone, they're gone!

T.W. Food
377 Walden St.
Cambridge, MA 
(617) 864-4745

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