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There’s a lot of superfluous stuff constantly flooding the kitchen tools market, but every once in a while a brilliant new utensil comes along that makes you wonder why it wasn’t invented sooner. Earlier this week we showed you how to manually soften a block of butter in virtually no time at all, but what about when you just need a little pat to spread on a slice or two of toast in the morning? Now there’s a knife for that.

As self-proclaimed “butter enthusiasts” who wanted a solution to their “hard butter woes,” the designers at Australia’s DM Initiatives came up with ButterUp, a stainless steel knife featuring small perforations along one side to essentially grate butter into aerated, spreadable ribbons as it scrapes over a cold block of butter. The knife is currently in its last two weeks of funding via Kickstarter its initial campaign goal already well-exceeded. Knives are expected to ship in March 2015. Would you like an all-in-one portable coffee-brewing mug with that?

The knife’s perforated edge is designed to grate cold butter into soft, aerated ribbons that spread evenly and quickly.

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