Let’s count how many pieces of kitchenware you use to make deviled eggs: pot, lid, something to put peeled eggs in, knife, cutting board, bowl, fork, spoon, plate and other incidentals. However many eggs you’re making, you can expect to do at least that amount of dishes after. If you hate doing dishes as much as I do, the ends may not even justify the means. That’s a lie, deviled eggs are always worth it.

Solution: after the eggs are boiled and sliced in half, dispense the yolks into a large zip-top bag, add your other ingredients, mash in bag until smooth, snip off the corner and dispense directly back into the egg halves. No cleaning yolk mix off forks and bowls — that stuff is only awesome inside boiled eggs halves.

As far as ingredients go, big slices of scallion or coarsely chopped fresh herbs may clog the tip, so this trick is best suited for smoother fillings. That doesn’t mean boring — experiment with hot sauces, mustards, pestos, really any condiment in your fridge you find yourself using on a regular basis (duck sauce is surprisingly tasty). Or simply garnish with that which would clog. Might I recommend tobiko and chives?

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