10 Refreshing Reasons To Drink Outside This Summer

This summer, go canping. That's like glamping, but with incredible craft beer in cans. Or go for a picnic, now that you don't need to worry about knocking over your rosé all over your nice charcuterie spread. Grilling? Toss your cocktail components on there so the Grillmaster has something worthy to drink and if you need a tune to go with your cider, this roundup has something for you too. Especially if you also like punch.

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Get that wine chilled, ASAP!

These Are The 7 Rosés You Should Be Drinking All Spring And Summer

The popular pink wine is all everyone is talking about.

Listen to Chromeo's Entry For 'Song Of The Summer' And Drink...Cider?

Cider sales are reported up nearly 400% over from five years ago, which means that fizzy apple goodness isn't going anywhere, so learn to love it. Allow the dulcet tones from the guys who brought you such hits as "Bonafied Lovin'" and "Mama's Boy" to gently ease you into Anheuser-Bush's new Johnny Appleseed hard cider.

Fire It Up! A Grilled Tomato-Watermelon Michelada Recipe

20 Ultra-Refreshing Beers To Drink Right Now

It's time for some lighter brews, though as you'll see, this doesn't necessarily mean lighter in color or flavor. There may be a few on the list that surprise you, like a big imperial stout from Florida, an Imperial wheat beer and the emergence of radlers and shandies. What else is hiding in this epic list? Right this way, beer fans....

Heat Up Your Summer With The Michelada Beer Cocktail

Have you ever had a Corona with lime and thought, "All this beer needs is some hot sauce?" If you're hot sauced-crazed like I am, you probably have, but for anyone else, this might sound like more of a practical joke than a drink. And yet I'd argue that you should shove aside that gin and tonic or fruity concoction and give this a try as your new summer go-to.

The Summer Shandy: 5 Perfect Hot Weather Thirst-Quenchers

Shandies are like summers in a bottle.

CANping: Your Guide To The Best Canned Beers for Camping

There's really nothing like getting in touch with nature, but whether you're glamping (glamorous camping) or just backpacking it, you shouldn't brave the wild without awesome brews. If you're planning on camping this summer, bring these cold ones to the mountain, forest, beach or otherwise outdoors party.

Steady Sticks: Never Spill Wine All Over Your Picnic Again!

That wine is for you, not the grass.

Summer Shrub Punch: A Classic Cocktail That Won’t Leave You Stuck Behind The Bar

To maximize time with guests and avoid getting stuck behind the stick, batching and chilling a round or two of drinks before the event can showcase your adept drink skills while still allowing time to socialize. To kick off your summer menu, we asked head bartender Michael Phillips of Austin's lauded Midnight Cowboy for a distinctive summer punch recipe.