The Legality Of This Restaurant's Special Pot-Smoking Section Is A Little Hazy

Smoking marijuana is now legal in Washington State, but you can't just fire up a joint in a restaurant. Can you?

Mint Tea, a restaurant in Vancouver, WA, is catching some buzz for its designated marijuana-smoking section, described as the "first of its kind."

Is it legal? Well, man, that just depends on your perspective.

Dig it: recreational marijuana use is now legal under Washington State law. But, it's not entirely legal. In fact, the very existence of such a "420-friendly" area as chef Josh Simpson describes the "mostly secluded" portion of the restaurant to local news station KOIN-TV seems to fly in the face of other rules prohibiting cannabis consumption in public and also in places where alcohol is served. (According to its web site, Mint Tea offers a selection of local beers and wines, in addition to things like vegan gazpacho and a "Daily Bowl" — which actually refers to "various grains, starches and Italian Pasta" and not pot.)

Still, Simpson believes he's operating "in a lot of grey areas," amid the thickening fog of America's sweeping decriminalization movement. "[N]obody really knows where we're going from here," he says. "So until then, we're just kind of going with it."

The future of Mint Tea's special pot-puffing zone could possibly hinge on the legal definition of what "public view" means, something for the courts to decide. In which case, Simpson better find a clear-headed lawyer. And maybe also a decorator. I mean, dude, the dormatory-esque draped-tapestry look doesn't exactly scream legitimate business.

Watch the full news clip below.

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