Is The Hot Dog A Sandwich? Experts Debate.

Every so often here at Food Republic, we take a look at an unnecessary – yet captivating – debate in the culinary world. We asked our readers if it's okay to dip pizza in ranch dressing. Things got heated. We highlighted an argument over moldy food, where comedian John Hodgman (you may recall him as the PC to Justin Long's Mac) and Alton Brown went back and forth about eating moldy food.

It appears that Hodgman – who pens an über-brief column for The New York Times Magazine's "One-Page Magazine" page, acting as a judge and issuing frank and random decisions to help settle silly arguments – is back at it again. Recently, Dan Pashman of The Sporkful podcast went on the Leonard Lopate Show to discuss whether hot dogs are sandwiches. Having already ruled in the magazine that hot dogs are not, in fact, sandwiches, Hodgman calls in to dispute Pashman's argument and join the fray. Have a listen below.

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