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That wine is for you, not the grass.

The lawn doesn’t enjoy being inebriated like you do, so kindly spill your glass into your mouth and not on the grass, if you would. Now that we’ve gotten manners out of the way, let’s discuss Tovolo’s Steady Sticks for the ultimate drink-nic. Here are the facts:

  • You want to drink wine at your picnic
  • You want to drink it out of a wine glass, not a red plastic cup
  • You don’t want your wine to spill on or near your picnic
  • You thought stemless wine glasses were the solution, but you were wrong

Stick the steel stakes into the ground (“I claim this land in the name of Queen Shiraz Of Australia!”) and place your classy stemmed glass into its new home, well out of harm’s way. Spilling a glass of wine at a perfectly nice outdoors shindig is the very definition of harm, you see. That makes you an al fresco superhero.

Get two for $10 on Amazon. That’s right, just slightly less than you paid for that bottle of vino you’ll be drinking every drop of.

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