While everybody loves receiving mail — unless you’re a tax cheat or an unpopular senator or someone who subscribed to a chain letter back in the 1980s and they just keep coming — mail time in the Food Republic office is often a very happy time. Why yes, we will accept your free bottle of gin. It’s rough, but somebody’s gotta survive paper cuts in the name of swag.

A box arrived yesterday with our name on it, and we opened it. But this was a little different — thus us writing about it so specifically. The nice people at the Genuine Thermos Brand sent us one of their new products, a vacuum-sealed “beverage container” (calling it a Thermos would be redundant) that claimed to keep liquids cold or hot for 24 hours. To prove that their marketing literature was legit, they sent a Thermos filled with coffee brewed by Spyhouse Coffee Roasters. Spyhouse opened as a café in Minneapolis in 2000, growing to three locations. They started roasting in-house in 2013 and have become a city favorite. We are not sure how they brewed the coffee we were sent, but it was nice…smoooooooth. Balanced. And, most importantly, still very hot. 

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