It's The Kimchi Slap Heard Around The Internet

We're big fans of Korean cuisine here at Food Republic. We even have two different guides to eating in the Koreatown of Los Angeles. Plus, Queens! Want to try your hand at cooking up Korean barbecue at home? We've got you covered there as well, thanks to our friend Hooni Kim. So naturally, we were pretty psyched when we got news that a new South Korean television series would be set in the kimchi industry.

You'd certainly be forgiven for missing the latest episode of Everybody, Kimchi! Or for not knowing that the comedy-drama series even existed. We did a little investigating and it turns out that it really does air – in the mornings – and that it is, in fact, set in a kimchi factory. Furthermore, a clip from a recent episode has been making the rounds this week for featuring what must go down as one of the most painful, messiest slaps of all-time. While we're unable to translate any of the dialogue, we're willing to bet that whatever this guy did must have been really bad.

Watch these (less painful) videos on Food Republic: