Adam Richman Apologizes For Typing Dumb Things, Raps A Few Souls Of Mischief Lines

Food TV personality Adam Richman recently got in hot water when he angrily, inexplicably, and beyond stupidly took to the comments section of his Instagram to attack somebody who had disagreed with his use of the hashtag #thinspiration — a controversial term that Richman was unknowingly using to acknowledge his pronounced weight loss. Here are all the uncomfortable details. After a bit of a cooling off period, where his network delayed the airing of a new show, Richman took to the radio yesterday to offer some clarification on the episode, an apology and to rap a few bars from Souls of Mischief's Clinton-era anthem "93 'til Infinity." Ok, what? Richman, a massive hip-hop fan, appeared on weekly morning show Sway's Universe and it's a pretty good interview.

"The truth of the matter is that I am smart enough to know that to talk to another person like that is truly wrong, and I also know for somebody on television to do that is also irresponsible," he said fighting back tears. He goes on to talk about how it's been rough on him personally and professionally, and also he's lucky that his network and family and friends have stood behind him. "I'm from Brooklyn and you just don't want something like that on your jacket," he said with a bit of a Canarsie brogue. The Sway interview is a reminder of how Richman, a graduate of the Yale School of Drama, is a pretty complicated dude.

We first interviewed Richman him back in 2012 and were struck by how un-food-TV-dude he was. He used the term Platonic ideal correctly, and in context. We talk about Clifford Odets, Arthur Miller and Eugene O'Neill, and the controversy around the then new Brooklyn Nets stadium. About how New York is a "hot woman piñata explosion" in the summertime. Here's yesterday's interview with Sway, which we warn you includes some graphic language and scenarios, as well as some dude eating White Castle burgers in a disgusting kind of way. Food Fighters debuts tonight on NBC.