French food and design publication Fricote teamed up with Parisian creative director Emilie Guelpa to create a series of beautifully composed monochromatic culinary palette photos. Guelpa assigned one color each to a group of chefs — who were then asked to craft dishes around their assigned hue. Each dish was then photographed alongside a color wheel. Chefs James Henry of Bones, Hiroki Yoshitake of Sola and Giovanni Passerini, formerly of Rino, were among those who participated in the “One Chef, One Color” project. Check out select images below. For more, make sure to pick up issue 15 of Fricote on newsstands now.

Chef Hiroki Yoshitake of Sola was assigned green and created a hamachi crudo-fava bean-asparagus dish.

Chef Giovanni Passerini, formerly of Rino, made his take on spaghetti and meatballs using the orange palette.

Chef James Henry of Bones created a stunning dessert using white.

Chef John Irwin of Alain Milliat created a squid and potato purée dish, which he garnished with edible flowers.

Chef Rémi Chambard of Les Etangs de Corot used the green palette to create a plant-based dish that included radish and pea shoot.

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