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Los Angeles-based Temptation Candy is pretty much the holy grail for anyone who's ever been stuck with a bunch of grape Jolly Ranchers at the bottom of the bag. You ate the watermelons first, then the cherries and blue raspberries (razzberries?), grudgingly polished off the green apples and scoffed at the lemons, which you then polished off. Thanks to Temptation Candy, you never even have to get as far as the green apples.

Now wave that magic wand over pretty much all candy, ever. You can fill your bathtub with Juicy Pear Jelly Bellies or fill your pellet gun with the licorice ones (or the grape Jolly Ranchers). Temptation has access to ALL the banana Laffy Taffy and will ship it to you, along with the rest of your presumably huge order, for…wait for it…$9.99. For a 10-spot, you can swim in bubble gum-flavored Pop Rocks and ONLY bubble-gum flavored Pop Rocks for as long as it takes, Youthy McReclaimerton.  

There's a story below each color collection describing why each is great. Orange reminds one Temptation fan of a road trip with his wife, blue reminds another of his pal Denzel Washington, red signifies the V-day that one lady got cheated all over. It's an interesting site worth perusing for sweet little nuggets like those. And these, which I myself totally used to pick out of the bag.

Take advantage of candy buffet advice for those whose weddings would be ruined, RUINED without the exact right shade of cerulean M&Ms and for the love of Willy Wonka go at their retro candy section like a frenzied child and relive the days of Blow Pops and Smarties tablet packs (because admit it, after two Smarties your tongue starts to hurt). 

Say it loud, say it proud: the clear pineapple gummy bears ARE special.

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