There are butchers and then there is Dario Cecchini, the most famous butcher in the world. From a tiny shop in the tiny town of Panzano in the Chianti region of Tuscany, Cecchini is the king of a meat empire focused on its prime jewel: the bistecca Fiorentina, a humongous porterhouse sourced from Chianina cattle and cooked over an open charcoal grill.

If you're lucky enough to ever get to Panzano, stick around after Cecchini's butcher shop closes. That means it's time to open La Officina della Bistecca (The Steak Office) upstairs where you'll dine on an unforgettable five course meal of beef, beef, and more beef. In the video below, Cecchini is presenting the bone-in ribeye course with the panache of a ringmaster.

Editor's note: Cecchini also taught the Charleston-based charcutier who created the most magical charcuterie board of our lives.

His speech is translated by my friend Brian as something like:

"I present to you my little team: Nicolas, Rina and Desideria and her cousin. Nicolas is our grillmaster, and Albana, the magical manager of our dining room. And look what I have here: the costata fiorentina [ribeye]! And remember always: To beef, or not to beef, that is the question!"

video via Fly And Dine

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