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Ever wondered why Canadian Bacon doesn't always come from Canada — but Virginia Ham does, in fact, refer to its Old Dominion origins? Well, that's because the federal government's rules for labeling such location-themed foodstuffs is rather complex and often confusing. Mental Floss has an interesting breakdown of 25 such foods and the various requirements that allow them to be labeled with the name of a specific place, or a style that's associated with said spot.

Here's what we learned:

  • Irish Stew doesn't have to come from Ireland, but it cannot include beans
  • Hungarian goulash must contain paprika but no noodles, potatoes or dumplings
  • Country ham must come from an "unincorporated area," but "Country style" can mean many things
  • Sicilian style pizza must be at least 50 percent crust
  • Swedish meatballs must contain at least 65 percent meat; no Swedish required

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