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In the first episode of Photo Tripping, we find out how the French Dip sandwich came about in Los Angeles. Two restaurants claim birth rights. But there is only one true Dip daddy.    

You can think of Melanie Dunea's My Last Supper as if Danny Clinch and Ruth Reichl booked a Gulfstream and set out to photograph and interview the 50 most important chefs in the world. The concept is fundamentally simple — five questions are asked of the subject, all relating to a chef’s last meal on earth. What would you eat? Drink? Who would be there? Music? Each chef is photographed with clear editorial vision and mostly on location — in kitchens, fields, barns, on the ocean. Pig parts are often present.

Since the start of the project in 2006, Dunea has released two books, the most recent in 2011, and continued working as a commercial and editorial photographer while traveling the world like the badass she is. Yahoo Travel Editor in Chief Paula Froelich caught wind of Dunea’s food-obsessed travels and signed up the photographer to film a 12-part web-based video series, Photo Tripping. Here’s the first episode, where she uncovered the mystery of the French Dip sandwich in Los Angeles.    

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